Japan Spitz of white Stars shine
Japan Spitz of white Stars shine

E-mail from England today, February 13th of 2017,

"We are pleased to announce that Geisha ( ch kessaku Raspberry  tart ) and Dishy ( Hachiko of white stars shine ) have had a litter of 5 beautiful  puppies  we are  very excited"

Christmas Card 17th December 2016 from "Hachiko",

and his owners,

Penny & Don Bambridge, England

New pictures of "Hachiko at Dog Show!

"Hachiko" with Penny!

The critical eyes of judging!

"Hachiko" hat es wieder einmal geschafft auf der

Driffield Agricultural Show 2016

am 02.10.2016

"Hachiko" made it again at the,Driffield Agricultural Society 2016

Japanese Spitz - Judge: Mr Rob McLeod


Class 1801 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 5253 BAMBRIDGE Mrs P Hachiko Of White Stars Shine
2nd: 5263 FALLAS Mr & Mrs A & G Falrock Razzle Dazzle 

This report send by Penny Bambridge on August 22nd, 2016 via facebook!


Hachiko of white stars shine came 2nd in his first post grad class at the Welsh kennel club championship show very pleased but he topped that when at the start they sang the welsh national anthem and he joined in with them it was very funny we didn't know he could speak Welsh 

July the 8th 2016, "Hachiko of white stars shine" Winning junior dog, at "East of England championship show"  woohoo !!!

National Exibition Sporting Dogs in Stafford,UK

"Hachiko" and  Penny, second from the right!

"Hachiko" is watching birds outside!

The Japanese Spitz Club Unitet Kingdom, National Show in Birmingham 07.05.2016 

Class 1371 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 5077 BAMBRIDGE Mrs P Hachiko Of White Stars Shine
2nd: 5139 VOADEN Miss K Bekwey Acer Spades


"Hachiko of white Stars shine" 2. von rechts! 

"Hachiko of white Stars shine" 2nd from the right! 

What a brilliant day we had at Birmingham national championship show Hachiko of white stars shine got 1st in junior dog and Kessaku Raspberry Tart got 1st in limit and went on to get RBCC I am one very proud mummy also congratulations to all the winners and the.especially the Best of Breed 

12. Dezember 2015

"Hachiko" hat es Mal wieder geschafft, 1. Platz,Ausstellung der,

"Ladies Kennel Association" / UK, guter Junge!

December the 12th of 2015

"Hachiko" made it again, 1st place at the dog show of the

"Ladies Kennel Associaton" / UK good boy!


The Ladies Kennel Association 2015
Japanese Spitz
Judge: Mr Rod P Oldham


Class 478 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 2401 BAMBRIDGE Mrs P Hachiko Of White Stars Shine
2nd: 2447 VOADEN Miss K Bekwey Acer Spades

The newest show results, good boy "Hachiko", December 5th of 2015!!

Trophy upper part!
Trophy lower part!

Burton upon Trent
JAPANESE SPITZ – P (2,1a) 1 Bambridge’s Hachiko Of White Stars Shine, liked this well coated chap very much. Lovely head with well placed, small ears & ‘ginko nut’ eye. Trotting along confidently & truly. Excellent presentation & handling

Puppy - Dog
Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

"Hachiko" attendet on th 8th of november 2015 another Dog-Show in Richmond UK and made it again 1st Place!

What he won on Sunday at the Japanese Spitz club Richmond championship show!

So far at the age of 9 months old what a clever boy he is and very much loved !!

"Hachiko" attendet the Dog-Show on the 23rd of August at the "The Welsh Kennel Club 2015"

Japanese Spitz,  Judge: Mr.  J. Daltrey,

"Hachiko of white Stars shine"  received his qualification for "Crufts"! Well done "Hachiko" and Penny!!

Here now the result and judgemend from the judge: Mr. J. Daltrey

2. HACHIKO OF WHITE STARS SHINE, I preferred the head shape and balance of this youngster, but not quite so straight in front at this stage and not the firmness in croup. Moved OK.

"Hachiko", fast acht Monate alt hat alle diese Schleifen, Rosetten und Auszeichnungen bisher bekommen!

"Hachiko", almost eight months old has won all these ribbon, rosettes and awards.

Hachiko almost eight month old has won all this ribbon and trophies!

"Hachiko" hat es wieder einmal geschafft, zwei Mal 1. Platz!

"Hachiko" made it again two times 1st Place!

"Hachiko" on the grooming table / "Hachiko" auf dem Trimmtisch!

Sammlung von vier Fotos / Collection of four photos

Diese e-mail mit Foto, erhielten wir am 25.09.2015 /This e-mail we received on September the 25th 2015!

He came first at ringcraft class last night for being the dog witch had improved the most, I am very proud of him!

Judges Critiques on

Driffield Agricultural Society 2015

Japanese Spitz

Judge: Mrs E Renaud

BEST OF BREED : 5165 MASLOWSKI, Mrs M & CRAIG-WOODWARD Mrs M Dunlin Noble Viking Of Houndbrae (Imp)
Best Dog : 5165 MASLOWSKI, Mrs M & CRAIG-WOODWARD Mrs M Dunlin Noble Viking Of Houndbrae (Imp)
Res Best Dog : 5167 SERGINSON Mrs D & Mr I Gordorna Amazing Star At Midaras
Best Bitch : 5157 BAMBRIDGE Mrs P Kessaku Raspberry Tart
Res Best Bitch : 5161 FRASER Miss L G Tawvale Wini

Best Puppy : 5156 BAMBRIDGE Mrs P Hachiko Of White Stars Shine
Best Veteran :

Class 1763 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 5156 BAMBRIDGE Mrs P Hachiko Of White Stars Shine
2nd: 5158 FALLAS Mr & Mrs A & G Falrock Razzle Dazzle

He came first at ringcraft class last night for being the dog witch had improved the most I am very proud of him!

Here a Dog Show result written by Adell Bowen, UK

PD (1) 1 Bambridge's Hachiko of White Stars Shine. Best Puppy. Standing alone but likely to be high in any puppy line up. Very promising puppy of just 6 months, showing with confidence and style. A lovely example of the breed with a lovely head, excellent tail carriage and set.

And again Dog Show in Richmond, "Hachiko of white Stars shine", puppy 1st Place and best Puppy in Show!!

"Hachiko" and his first two "Dog-Show" experience, 1st and 2nd place!

After many hours of making phone calls and writing e-mails to a proposed buyer in Switzerland, finally they backed up. After placing some pictures, and information about "Hachiko" at facebook, we received the message from an breeder in England, the plans and schedule where made, the new owner came with there car on a ferry boot from England to the Netherland and continued driving with there car to us, to pick up "Hachiko", now he is very fine and enjoing the life in England. The owner and ourself are very happy!

The first Show for "Hachiko", Baby-Class 2 x second place, congratulaion "Hachiko"!

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